The Niceguys - Real Niggas

from by The Niceguys

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Real niggas...real niggas
Real niggas...real niggas

Verse 1 (Yves)
Tryna get a mill of these tunes
And a proper meal all this food
Need a mill-ion forks and spoons
Something that all these goons feel
Is something that could fill all these goons
That live shit still part of me too
Keep it real with me.
Parlez vous? Nah?
Pardon me, ooh!
Can't even steal on these dudes.
I aint even got the steel on me dude.
Talk shit like they still want me to.
I aint gon' kill none these dudes.
They just gon' squeal on me Lou.
The King of the Trill warned me to.
But I hate these niggas.
Woulda ate they face I will scrape these niggas.
Outta line with my faith.
Like, "Why God create these niggas?"
Well, God gave em life. That's right.
But iPods make these niggas.
Im an Apple product with example conduct.
718 Queens nigga!
We need Wu-Tang, M.O.P., State P nigga

Hook (Yves)
I don't fuck with nobody else but the realest of the real.
We ride. We ride. We ride. We ride. We ride.
We ride. We ride. We ride. We ride. We ride. We ride.
I say,
I don't fuck with nobody else but the realest of the real.
We ride. We ride. We ride. We ride. We ride.
We ride. We ride. We ride. We ride. We ride. We ride.

Verse 2 (Yves)
Some of my real niggas white.
Oh they could never be a real nigga right?
Sike! In light of they work.
They might be field niggas twice.
Bite my head off for that
But, those who tried to dead me awful black.
So I prescribe to no color.
Something you should know right off the bat.
Back to the bullshit pardon my back.
My back is to the Bull shit I'm Jordan like that.
Wizard when I wish a nigga would.
Whisper from a prince heard that I should.
The prince of hell say my principles aint cool like principals.
But the pow from the trigger I could pull is loud
and I dont need evidence to pile. No PRINTS/PRINCE!
Real niggas gon chill till it's real.
Chilled buckets of ice. Nigga why ice grill?
Felling so nice that the night stand still.
Knuckleheads gotta know what my right hand will do.
But what it do aint important.
Who the fuck are you?
You know my name and my dame.
It's only fair you share.
Wasn't you anonymous before ya dramatics?
You figured making a scene'll get the problem fixed.
You playing politics with a problem kid and I cant make any promises.
But I got a lot of pride so my time is split
between dirt and right mind reminding him
that i don't wanna see my mama pissed.
But then again she know what I'm bout.

Hook 2 ( Yves)

Verse 3 (Yves)
Real Niggas.
Man I miss my niggas.
Deji. Shoota.
Cant forget my nigga showed me love in the H.
Gun on my waist.
Chilled me out a little put that mud in my drank.
Blood on my face to blood on my hands.
Magic Mike see that's my nigga.
Dallas Mike see that's a man.
Sleezy Lee. Southwest Bo.
Easy Yves was outta control till Candlestick dismantled clips and barrells.
Barely made it. Bullets hidden.
Bo went through that bullshit with him. Deji got me paid.
OG Ron C got me grown. Bun B said I must behave.
Kenneth saved me from myself. Orange showed me something else.
Lotto let me earn my nuts and Justice loved me through my hell
I love my niggas.
All my niggas real niggas yup.
Thurogood, Sean Otis them my niggas.
James Kelley that's my nigga.
And mommy send me scripture.
You know my soul need saving.
And that's why you my nigga.
Real Niggas.

Acapella Hook (Yves)


from James Kelley, released September 11, 2012



all rights reserved


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