The Green Room EP

by The Niceguys

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released December 15, 2009



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The Niceguys Houston

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Track Name: Supreme Team
S U P R E M , E....N, I , C, E, G, U, Y

{Verse 1}

Im in Supreme this Supreme that
Sneakers to mean hats
Fuck a dress code eat a penis and lean back
read my flap, stay the fuck outta New York
Read my tee "a la chingada con" you all
Something new for the fall something suited for Sioux Falls
Something for SUNY soup weather at New Paltz
My crew invest in crewnecks like crude oil
Crew on the the next while ya tee still too tall
Tera Patrick (uh) Rosa Acosta
Mr. Richardson bring the cam a little closer
Power of a little box logo and some chocha
Everybody choked up
Poser muhfuckas tryna soak up the glow Paduwans need Yoda
Thats a hundred for the fitted (whoa)
They reply "nossir"
Looks so simple, why its so expensive?
To keep all you simple fuckers from my fences
1, 9, 9, 4 New York City thats huge
I wonder what you thought, pity
focused on my threads like a cue card
Fresh off the Q77 with a cute broad
Or maybe in Kew Gardens for whatever reason I choose dog
Im saying this my everyday shit no coupons
Know that cute frog from back in the day?
He got spewed on a shirt that Terry shot to get that tee right there was too hard, OOH LORD!



{Verse 2}

And now i gotta hit Joe up
got it for the low cuz he bought the wrong size
take it off his hands, SOLD!
looking like the MoMa
Miles Davis tee bout the only socially responsible thing I own (yup)
All that Supreme x Neighborhood they were good
but couldnt get the denim to my home
I remember Boudreaux had them Vans from Japan and some basic nigga stole em
See? You shoulda sold em
I couldnt console him his Ex-girl brought em from abroad
Wouldn't have them if love hadn't flown 'em
Never seen him this mad this man bout to blow from a lost pair of kicks
Death to the heretic who left me in this despair yeah yeah I'm prepared to kick any ass I see in my Vans that aint no American SHIT!
That's what you call Supreme Clientele
From serene to a mean lion's yell
Over something he has deemed high as hell
I think you guys should take a bow, might as well
These must be the thing that Midas felt
Motherfuckers touch a tee and it lights up, swell
This is not high fashion as in Elle
this is high fashion light the L
this is my passion I could tell
This shit is so intoxicating feels something like a spell




I bring it back to NY tonight
The boroughs like the furious 5 tonight
see the Yanks took it home in 09 thats right
THE Supreme Team if any no lie no lie
Niceguys Semper Fi lets ride tonight
And put some la la la la la in the sky-y-y
Q.U.'ll be my permanent side but I
Fucks with Houston, Hip Hop is alive in I
"I NO BE GENTLEMAN AT ALL" Fela Fela (Guys?)
Supreme Team, Supreme Team, Supreme Team, Supreme Team, Supreme Team, Supreme Team, YEEEEAAH!
Track Name: Venting
"Let me get back to the mood of this thing, thought we was fucking around."

Whole lotta speculation on the show release date
appreciate the anticipation ya so patient
special thanx from Yves Saint
Christolph is pissed off
he supplies the beat and states "Go in my nigga"
No situation is No-win i figure, That
we being tested,
Me, being arrested
We, meeting investors
Leave meeting impressed with our CD and the rest is
question marks the lesson?
I guess on the the next one

Cant break a bone in the body thats been stoned
its prolly made a stone
take us for granted and get granite
just marvel at the marble its remarkable
im an MM, neither millimeter nor marshall
thrown in the potty, flown into Hobby
wrote a few poems they like "whoa kemosabe"
im like whoa this a hobby
But no, what it got me is the key to a goal if i picked the lock to they would lock me
No record label , no rest but able, to pro-gress through our own efforts thank you
Yves go legal, leave those evils
but when niggas need/kneed doe i had to see those deevils i mean devils
Enough E to uncrease those wrinkles
equals an MC squared not a sequel
Si vous plais we working harder than we need to
blood sweat tears are superceded by my sweet tooth

The next chapter so sweet im looking past the police
past being broke and half the shit you wont see
see after math/aftermath is P.E. like Phys Ed, fizz-ed, we fizzed
like the top of soda pop please we looking forward
past all the hardships and the horrors that we harbored
This more of an i.e. than a metaphor for, struggle,
want me to fork over my balls get you a forklift and a 44 forfeiture not my forte force is

Rapper slash manager and paperwork handler
Publicist producer and CEO see Free go
Director slash protector of morale how we need BO
Soldier and Commandant, team slash entourage
know the pros and the cons pros slash amateurs
men slash amazing all magic (awwww) dammit yall
Began with no manual freaked it to a manual
i could handle the Bars/bars but other hats now thats gradual

And know i said it before I guess niggas aint listen
I aint signing shit till them scales start tipping
Dont rap for nobody, but O, Free and Todd
before it was pro bono there'll no free of charge
its and uphill climb, uphill battle
up shit creek without a muhfuckin paddle
Upset the Dukies/dookies unranked but we rise
dealt with all the bullSHIT why you think i talk FLY?
First album, life stall-one/stallone like SLY
when the road get ROCKY i begin feeling PAC-y/Pacqui-ao/oww
ALL EYES ON ME hater watch me
live throw a jab and i eat it you cant box me
No boss, 97.9 The Box me? NEVER!
Even when ends tight like Shockey
Still grip my balls like Jockeys
yall could deep like Jacques i call it Cousteau cocky
N, I, C, E Guys to the top see The SHow is on the way im just here to remind thee

"gotta vent to get the tension off my chest i swear to God my intentions are the best" repeat
Track Name: Bloodshed
{Malcolm X Speaking}

[Verse 1]

When it rains it pours, let me change the forecast Lord
Give me the strength, hurricanes or more
if hurricanes are all, that remain in store for me, then dang
i guess imm bang bang some more
remember days of yore
Disdain for the Lord but shit changes
never in vain, for moms, (and) to get sane
pardon i switches lanes for
the sake of making sure my nephew live it up
i give a fuck if i acquire tuition
niggas dying if they try my position
i envision benevolence for the hell of it
enlist malevolence for the smell of it
Do you know the scent of "BLOODSHED"

{Malcolm X Speaking}

[Verse 2]

Im no Fred Hampton Jr.
But if Fred Hampton's shooter woulda been at my bed
i would been clapped the Ruger
i aint Bin Ladens dude i never crash(plane)/crash(sleep) without the tool
a nigga did dirt but pushing up grass and petunias? (fuck nah)
Revolution revolves around execution(both)
not involved gotta execute them
cant resolve so its death they choosing
i could solve it the solution is all bout retribution
when the scourge of the just get just what they deserve then
Justice is served not destitution
Evolution prevails, the ills and what ails the desolate set precedent
wanna get to the root check the present tense
check the president nigga forget hesitance
10 men CAN do what seven cant
but never feel undermanned understand when its heaven sent its definite

{Malcolm X Speaking, Fade Out}
Track Name: Free Basin'
{Verse 1}

Medicate me, as if I'm under the weather, no umbrella or
Betty Ford for,
My addiction to this diction's like Ripken to the Diamond
I'm rhyming as if Rocafella (diamond) pays me (TRANSITIVE property LOGIC)
Hell awaits me, for the hell i raised
mama raised a little devil what the hell i say?
mama aint raise me to peddle but i swear its just like riding a bike
i settled down and got some better brakes
fell a couple times
got hella scrapes
tryna elevate the G double O.D. fella way
now celebrate im living G double O.D.
Fella pray, I don't O.D. I'm H double O.D from the cellar wait
Im from the basement
so imagine what that base(drugs) meant
a means to some great ends
now its just mean when coupled with my orations <--(bass as in beats)
and the aforementioned is partly on what I base them

{Verse 2}

G-ROSS, He so remote from the regular he floats
now he copes with air-sickness
So bright that's he's light-headed, enlightened
with loss of appetite, what might you prescribe to him?
Schizophrenic he's divided by life
depending on the issue might decide to be trife
but that guy make it hard for the nigga who fly right
by living with his fly down but still fly like down
"GOOSE, what up nigga?!"
bird of a different feather, feverish check his temperature
bird flu is his curse cool
graduated from the worse school
his personal school of thought? alternative curriculum
Learned to, earn through conditions current to him
When ya dude might could use some Corinthians
so im losing my religion which proves through my living i caught the Antichrist
my antibodies have to fight thaaaaat

{Verse 3}

I am not well,
Touched in the knot, hell
Im losing my hair follicles minoxidil
Rogaine, a whole box to quell what i got sell it as Hip Hop
when I tell I relish it
not well up in ocular spots
fell from the top of the block
nigga from popular rockin belles
to bottom of the map
where the screw and chop music where trunks pop and they yell
from New York Knickerbocker to Rockets I smell
Success in that pot know its hot as all hell
Im diggin in now, im a glutton as well
I know Shells(bullets)/shells(pasta) and cheese(money)/cheese(cheese)
give ya blue box blues (jail and the advertised slogan)
cuz shell casings follow scratch like whelps you follow dat?
add glutton for the pain, a masochist, game for that scratch
if its gain i'll be back at it again
till my back is that maimed and my jacket has stains
but if me and mines eating i could hack it abstain...never
Track Name: Not At All

Tired of me talking bottles dog, I need them sparks on the top pop Molatov!
Yellow, Brown & Dark model broads, niggas ask if I apologize NOT AT ALL
No, NOT AT ALL, Nigga no, never that, NOT AT ALL
See I do my thing by default, one mo time do I apologize? NOT AT ALL

{Verse 1}

Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?
I piss through my pores you bitch like a broad acknowledge my skin fluid
Im UTTERly skilled it begets milk, never that skim bullshit
Dont have a cow, I've already vowed, are you not convinced douches?
My muse is, Music, fused with, some hubris
It confuses accusers a rubix cube but he shoe fits. I gotta break them in
Breaking news is! I aint spitting,
To the snoozers: I been throwed Jim Crow leave a nuisance in noose
Niggas hanging from my balls and my pubics for hocking up mucous
Not saliva, much heavier, a sign of a medley of illnesses
Chill, shivers, stop nagging like little sisters
Cuz i brag about drilling sisters and my tag amount
Oh you can't feel a buster?
Well imma wait it out, thats a fillibuster
And I 'm spillin MUSTARD to be FRANK I RELISH the HEAT catch up (KETCHUP) ya DOG only getting PLUMPER
Im a BALL PARK figure, spitting ball park figures (diamonds)
And I park balls and a Ball Park (dick) in a broad jaw and Laurent not lyri-cal?
Cool, Im slicker than cod liver oil, smooth as a cola and dark liquor
I know both sides, Jedi-and SIth, yet I insist, dismiss I as myth, and dread I exist, upset I admit, but better I get
Whatyatombot AYE!


Tired of em talkin bottles dog, I leave sparked on the top pop Mozeltov
Yellow, Brown & Dark model broads, niggas ask if I apologize NOT AT ALL
No, NOT AT ALL, Nigga no, never that, NOT AT ALL
See I do my thing by default, one mo time do I apologize? NOT AT ALL

{Verse 2}

You're just uniformed, sun/son in the form of his life
The sun/son isn't warm its hot, just, far enough to sustain life
But, close enough to sun bathe, nice
Global warming a result of when sun/son raise what sun/son says to a new degree
Sun/sonrays hotter on average 2 or 3, fahrenheit now the terrified 'scuse me
They reject me yes, can't hide from my light they rub SPF (sun-block)
The likes of the white want nestle legs, can't handle the real they invent these beds (tanning beds)
I got such a bad wrap/rap got blacks shunning sun/son, they'd rather LIGHTEN up like they never had 'gnac <---*blacks that would rather be light-skinned a metaphor for blacks who dont bump me*
It's dark and its heavy *both opposites of light*
Like "No. Uh, your arc's embarkment is deadly.
Get me? Im Noah, my arc departs for the DEAD SEE
So they see red, regrettably, but I SEE SALT,
They detest me, for the SEA SALT I speak to yall to refresh thee
Lets be, real, I'm of it,
"OF" and "UV" I'm from it, the oven (sun), in O.F. (Original Fake) usually
I'm coming like bendies. Look it up!
Even got the hip hop snobs looking up
Over ya head like a book on Eliza Doolittle acquittal of all charges, "Not Guilty"
On all counts of not showing skill, please, hop off dill he's really
The bees knees, the beast from the East show ease on the easel feel me?!?!

[Chorus & Fade Out]
Track Name: 10,000 Hours
{Verse 1}

Wake up, get up, gotta get my reps up, and step up, the effort and TRY not to eff up

And if I do guess what? I get up, forget luck, could do without liars “Outliers” is the reci-pe for success but,

how many willing to sweat for,

10,000 hours not too many nigga fess up,

I guess that means the rest of, you losers only meant for, the bench but, I bench what, you MEANT to, REST UP.

I understand the pressure, keeps you on the edge of, ya seat and sanity by the ledge Heath Ledger

But how could this depress ya? understand I blessed to have the pleasure of being next the military press wrecker

Adrena-line from neck down makes the neck up, compress rough coal to a treasure, yessir

“I Yves drop jewels none-the-lesser

Had an eye for E to I.F.’s (Internally Flawless)

I.E. The Good Shepherd”



One zero comma, zero zero zero, hours sound sour but the outcome is sweet yo

Punch in clock out no lunch nigga,

Just work straight through no punch nigga

{Verse 2}

Work ethic of a laker (Kobe), Mind of a bull (Mike), poise of a Tiger (Woods)

Mind OVER bull, over matter, over snapper,

Im a task over-lapper, (I’d) rather be a mogul over rapper

Nigga “draft up so much hope the open tap’ll

Leak so much potential cup’ll runneth over after

Stay above the bar sip it slow the the sober factor’s” what I need to keep me focused this is just and open chapter

Crying from the crunches feels like an open abdo-men that was then now its cham(pagne) and so much laughter

I’ve been know to advo-cate a rigid regimen divine a specimen fine as Leonardo’s draft of “Vitruvius’s vison”

See “I work my body of work” I Phil Knight the quill twice the drills

“Life is ill” I mimic that quite the skilled actor

“Role the reel, Id like to feel I captured this role, forreal”


One zero comma, zero zero zero, hours sound sour but the outcome is sweet yo

Punch in clock out no lunch nigga,

Just work straight through no punch nigga

{Verse 3}

10,000 hours equals 417 showers, roughly, ruffle these feathers?, nah, that’s why the rough lead coward,

What happens when love leaves and showers cover one’s cheek?

Devoured by your one speed, seven days without her makes one “weak”

But nothing speaks louder, than rolling up one’s sleeves and “grinding” with or without her

To the point ya career’s a “fine powder” she’s present in ya mind…

Until you learn how to, be about her, be a spouse of, sorts,

A tower of certainty not her doubts one source,

But how can I commit, a 1000 percent to this album when the outcome is a “pound” of resent-ment

Limited time and the amount that we spent was drowned in our tears, our fights and our peers 2 cents

Leave the blame for “8 ounces here”

Pick up the “other 8” if you wish, IM OUT DEAR, YEAH
Track Name: Celebrity
{Verse 1}

I was warned of celebrity
Once it's born? Ya innocence dies
Its a war for integrity
Performing'll be the end of me
Im ignoring anymore befriending me
How you know me when i Barely remember me
Broads on all fours when they mention me
anything to get to me
Im an idea
but a person i cent forget to be, I fear
personal decay but not due to my character flaws or own faults
cuz the light sis brighter than time square
more bulbs more volts more camera lenses
ya last pose look something like Hammer's exit
So my entrance is humble as Fiasco's
No trumpet playing no brass blows
Assholes don't need telepathy you forewarned of celebrity


Its the sound of the ages, markings on my miiiiiiiind

{Verse 2}

Famous, synonymous with shameless
Cant contain this you're number 2 from the anus
not just insane it's in vain since none of them dame you came with
will remain with
they just came for kicks make it rain bitch
but whats the rain quits then the games quit
and it back to the same shit
no gang to return to
you treated them the lamest (dang)
That when the pain hits
remembering the stars you used to hang with
they might be dealing with the same beast but tamed it
the whole road like photo ingrained in ya brain (shit)
wanna frame it but in the same sense
its the bane of your existence you cant change this
watching from a distance
long range from the ranges
Face it, its a sign of the ages


Its the sound of the ages, markings on my miiiiiiiind

{Verse 3}

One for the money, two for the show
Three for the bunnies be-four ya know
5-0 rolling up 6 shooter in ya coat
ya done 7 deadly sins the eight wonder of the globe
no regard for law like ya got nine lives
you might get a few (life sentences) the wrong nigga dropped Chaka Khan
ya going through the fire
hood star good Lord
This aint the Wire
real beef never cheap see this aint Papayas
Niggas got priors aint tryna be lifers
You facing three strikes but you still wearing diapers
fallign for the hype might get the wrong Stripes (NICE)
now a good father you could never be
departed or behind bars you'll forever be
"You don't need to check the weather B"
I'll give you the forecast for celebrity